How do I mail a package to a hotel guest?

The hotel can collect mail and parcels on behalf of guests during check-in. Some guests will only need mail from a handful of senders so that their permanent address mail service is uninterrupted. Others may want all their mail delivered temporarily to the hotel.

Hotels can take orders during guests’ stays or call their rooms to notify them that mail has arrived. No matter how small, mail and packages are vital. It is, therefore, essential to learning how to mail a box directly to a guest at a hotel. This article will explain what you need to do before you send a package to a hotel.

How to Mail a Package to a Hotel Guest

To make your stay more secure, you can call the hotel staff to inform them that you have received a package. You can provide information about the package, such as the expected arrival time, the sender’s name, and your name. However, you cannot give the contents of the mail. It is usually accessible for hotels, but you can also pay elsewhere.

The mail acronym c/o is applicable here. It stands for “care of.” Each package that includes c/o (the name of the person receiving the box) will be delivered. Here’s an example of a hotel mailing address to help you understand how to mail a package.

  • John Doe
  • C/O Hotel Name
  • Hotel Address
  • Hotel City, State, and Postal Code
  • Hotel Country

The name or the full name of the person registered at the hotel should be used. The hotel staff will ensure that the mail is delivered to the correct person. Check any correspondence that you have received from the desk clerk upon check-in. Only if you want, ask the front desk to call your bedroom every time you collect mail during your stay.

Hotel Safety and Security when Accepting Parcels

Remember that the hotel has safety and security protocols when accepting guest parcels. It depends on which hotel you are staying at and the rules of that hotel, but generally, it is allowed.

Due to security concerns, most hotels will accept parcels under certain conditions, such as weight, dimensions, and sender information. You can send your belongings to the hotel by following these steps.

Your provisional address should be provided to all you wish to receive mail. You are indicating the number of your suite or room and dates of departure and arrival, which are essential. You can also add your mailing address to your postal if you want to avoid mail being delivered directly to your hotel.

Things to Remember Before Sending a Package To A Hotel

First, ensure that your hotel accepts package reservations. Because this is common, most luxury hotels will have a system for getting packages. You can contact the hotel directly, or most shipping and delivery websites provide this information.

Please inform the registration desk in advance if you’re at the hotel and have questions. It will give you the answer you need and let you know that your package is on its way.

Keep the hotel informed about your delivery. If your package is in potential danger, it will be secured. By advising the hotel, you will help them prepare for your arrival and ensure your delivery.

How to Make Your Package Safe?

Securing your package before you send it to your hotel is essential. Here are some tips to help you ship your package safely and securely to a guest at a hotel.

  • Wrap your package correctly. It means using sturdy packaging to fill gaps with packing materials to keep it from moving around. Use solid box tape to secure the package.
  • Package delivery insurance Some might feel it is optional to buy insurance for your parcel. Insurance will cover your property in transit and protect it from damage or loss. To save money, you can get reimbursement or a substitute package.

Set Your Hotel Address To Get Packages

You can choose whether you want all mail delivered to the hotel or only a few items from specific senders. You can choose to have your mail delivered by the U.S. if you stay longer. Postal Department

If you need your mail to be delivered to your hotel room, get a change in address form from the local post office. When filling out the notification form, check the list carefully. Also, be sure to decide if the move is temporary. Please provide the hotel address and the number of your room or suite on the Modification of Address form.

Before you check out, collect all mail from your hotel. Ask the staff member on duty if mail arrives after you check out.


It should have given you an idea of how to mail a package directly to a guest at a hotel. Although most hotels will accept packages, it is essential to have a smooth and streamlined process to send safe and secure mail.