Can You Pay Cash For A Hotel?

It’s no surprise that the market is multi-billion dollars, and because of the pandemic, there has been a steady increase in cashless contactless transactions. It is not unusual for people to ask, “Can I pay for a hotel using cash?”. After all, only some feel comfortable with electronic payments due to financial security concerns.

Can you pay for a hotel using cash? You can pay for your hotel booking, booking or stay with money. Finding one might not be easy, as most hotels accept credit cards. Some don’t even take debit cards.

This guide will explain why many hotels have strict rules about cash payments or credit-card-only policies. The following information will also be provided:

  • How to find the best hotel accepting cash and booking it.
  • How can you pay some money for a hotel?
  • Other related topics.

You can rest assured that you will have a safe place to sleep when you travel to another city, country, state, county, or country.

Why Does it Not Accept Cash at Hotels?

The business can be negatively affected by card-only payment policies, such as losing potential customers who don’t have credit cards. Hotels have good reasons to prefer credit cards.

These are some of the most important:

Better Security

While most hotels have great security systems and security personnel to ensure the safety of guests and staff, burglary or armed theft can still occur. It is especially true if cash is stored in the hotel. Several hotels, particularly five-star hotels, prefer cashless transactions.

Safety Net

Another reason that the answer to the question “Can you pay a Hotel with Cash?” is “No” is because most establishments follow the safety net principle.

The hotel will generally mark a room as unavailable for a specific date when you book or reserve a space. The hotel will lose income if you cancel or are a no-show. No one will pay for the room and check in on the dates you have reserved.

It is not a common situation for credit card holders. However, the hotel may charge the card with a cancellation fee. The guest may not show up on the booked date if they don’t wish to pay these fees.

Improved Customer Service

Customer service is essential for any hospitality business. Lousy customer service can lead to poor reviews and minimal or no recommendations, leading to low to no customers and, thus, little to zero profits.

The hotel staff or receptionist can take care of every guest’s needs without spending any money, even in peak seasons.

Why is this so? We all know that cash transactions can be time-consuming. The cashier will need to count the money and sometimes recount the change before they can hand it over to the payee.

Hotel managers can also save time by using cashless transactions to balance and balance cash receipts and records. It allows for more time to manage the hotel and staff.

Guaranteed Payment for Additionals

The top reason you cannot pay cash for a hotel room is that there is no guarantee of guest payment for any incurred fees.

You know you are not only charged for your room when you book a hotel for a Florida beach vacation or a business conference. You may also be charged for meals, drinks, lost items, and taxes, depending on the policies of your hotel.

The establishment will be fine with your cash running out to pay any unforeseen or required charges after you check out. The same applies to debit cards.

How to find hotels that accept cash payments

Hotels that take cash can be found online. The most straightforward approach to locating a hotel that accepts cash payments is using Google. However, depending on where you plan to check in, you should use precise terms like “hotels you can pay cash in California USA or near me.”

Yelp is another option that is highly recommended. You don’t need to think about the correct terms to use in your search. Type the word “hotel” into the search box, and select the city or region you are interested in.

You can either pay in cash or in the currency of most low-star-rated hotels. A few branches of high-star hotel chains like Holiday Inn Express & Suites and Crowne Plaza Hotel have hybrid payment options.

They accept cash payments, but you must give your credit card details or check in with them. They can place a pending charge on your card, which they can cancel when you pay cash.

If you have found potential hotels that accept cash payments, you should call them to confirm. It is also an excellent time to inquire about their cash payment policies. You can be sure that you will transact with a hotel that suits your needs and preferences.

What to expect when you pay cash as a walk-in hotel guest

If a hotel’s answer to the question “Can you pay for a room with cash?” is a resounding yes, it will likely tell you that you cannot.

It’s best to arrive at your hotel a few hours before check-in. To let them know that you are on your way to booking a hotel room, call them at least a day before you arrive. It will let you know if they have any rooms available.

You must present a valid ID.

Before you can check in, they will require a government-issued photo ID. Many hotels need you to show a government-issued ID before allowing you to check-in. It is not discrimination but security reasons.

Let’s say they discover anything suspicious, like a photo that doesn’t match the person who checked in or misspelled names. They’ll usually not let you pay in cash in that situation.

It ensures they don’t host a guest trying to hide a crime. Cash, unlike cards, is not traceable to anyone.

You pay for the room accommodation.

Many hotels that accept cash payments will typically already have the price for your room before they give you the keys. It prevents them from being in a position where guests leave without paying and impacts the establishment’s revenue.

You can deposit a security fee.

Most hotels will require a security deposit to resolve the safety net problem discussed earlier. The security deposit will pay any additional charges and give the staff at the hotel peace of mind knowing that they are paid regardless of whether cash is available.

The assigned staff from the hotel will inspect your room after you check out to ensure nothing is damaged or missing. They also check for any unpaid restaurant, bar, or other bills.

If they are, they will be calculated. If the security deposit is sufficient, you are free to leave. You would need to pay the security deposit.

The hotel will return the security deposit if you are lucky enough not to have to pay for extras. 

How to make a cash payment for a hotel reservation

It is important to note that not all hotels will answer the question, “Can I pay for a room in a hotel with cash?”. However, booking a room that benefits both the guest and the hotel is possible. Some of these hotels accept payment in different ways, such as:

Bank Transfers

If you wish to avoid dealing with the uncertainty of booking a room for walk-in guests, consider looking for hotels that accept bank transfers.

It is the typical procedure:

  1. You can book your reservation online by calling the hotel or using any other method the hotel allows.
  2. Instructions will be given to you on how and when to pay your deposit.
  3. Deposit the fee to the provided account number.
  4. Send a photo of the deposit slip to your hotel.
  5. Wait for confirmation.

Via Travel Agencies

A travel agency accepting cash payments is another way to book a hotel room ahead of time without using your credit card. Travel agency fees will apply. They will take care of all the work for you.

What are additional payment options there for hotel reservations?

There are many other options to book a hotel room without using your card if you don’t think these solutions will work. These are some of the most popular:

Online payment platforms

Many online payment options, or e-wallets, are now available as the world is more dependent on the internet. You can link most of them with your bank account to ensure that you have the cash to use for online transactions.

Most chains have agreements with PayPal, Google Pay, and Apple Pay for hotel reservations. You can visit the hotel’s website to see which cards they accept. You can also book your hotel through reputable and established online booking platforms that accept this payment method.

Disposable and virtual credit cards

The popularity of single-use credit cards, also known as virtual or single-use credit cards, is also increasing. Hotels are adapting to these changes. Privacy is one of the main reasons you asked, “Can I pay for a hotel using cash?”

Virtual credit cards offer extra security as you will be issued a temporary card number which you must use within a specified time. It doesn’t come along with a physical card, so you don’t need to be concerned about it being stolen.

The account number can be generated by your bank’s website or downloaded application. It can be ordered online from legitimate providers or by telephone. For those without credit cards, a virtual credit card can be used to pay for hotel reservations.

Can you use cash to pay for a hotel? – The Implication

As of writing, hotels still accept cash payments, but they expect stricter guidelines and processes. It will be more challenging to book and pay for a hotel room using your credit card. There are many other options to book and pay for hotel accommodation. You can choose the one that suits you best and check the acceptable payment options.