Hotel Analytics

What makes visitors give them such good ratings?

I got the 20 most recent comments from Booking, after listing the homes. I next processed the data with an analytical tool to identify the most commonly used, positive key phrases for each hotel.

As a result, I extracted the aspects of each property that visitors ranked the highest, allowing me to determine the homes’ primary strengths, which catapulted them to the top of the rankings.


For years, the hotel business lived by Conrad Hilton’s famous motto, “Location, location, location!” Is this still the case today?

“Yes and no!” is the ambiguous response. Huh? Isn’t it a little hazy?

One of the most significant things in attracting new guests has always been location. Your hotel’s geographic location, like the way it appears, can help you maintain a steady flow of reservations.

It is a proven truth that online users search for hotels first and foremost based on their location, then look at photographs and pricing, and then read reviews.


If you’re thinking about investing, consider these findings and commit to aspects that will help you achieve long-term success.

Reduce your spending on furnishings and construction and boost your spending on employee training and customer service tools.

This very profitable strategy will certainly result in happier visitors, higher average room rates, a more loyal client base, and a steady stream of new reservations via word-of-mouth.